About Me

I am Jing Zhu, a first year PhD student at the University of Michigan. My advisor is Danai Koutra. My primary research interest lies in knowledge graphs.



NegatER: Unsupervised Discovery of Negatives in Commonsense Knowledge Bases.

Tara Safavi Jing Zhu, Danai Koutra
The 2021 Conference on Empirical Methods in Natural Language Processing (EMNLP 21)

Node Proximity Is All You Need: A Unified Framework for Proximity-Preserving and Structural Node and Graph Embedding. pdf

Jing Zhu*, Xingyu Lu*, Mark Heimann, Danai Koutra
SIAM International Conference on Data Mining (SDM 21, acceptance rate 21%)
  • We present the first unified framework of node embedding, Nonlinear Proximity Matrix Embedding (NPME) that includes both proximity-preserving and structural embeddings.
  • Awards



    Deep Fuzzy Graph

    Advisor: Qiaozhu Mei
    Research project, Foreseer Group
  • Reproduced DeepGraph in Pytorch.
  • Optimized DeepGraph using multiple Gaussian Functions which mean and variance can be learned by Convolutional Neural Network.
  • On the Transferability of NeRF Representations

    Jing Zhu, Daniel Geng, Sarah Jabbour, Jung Min Lee
    Instructor: David Fouhey
    Course Project, EECS 542, 2020 Fall.
  • We investigated if NeRF representations learned from one scene can be helpful to learning presentations for similar scenes
  • Twitter Semantic Analysis for COVID-19

    Yuhang Zhou, Jing Zhu
    Instructor: Danai Koutra
    Course Project, EECS 476, 2020 Winter.
  • Hydrated tweets related to COVID-19 from Twitter API. Applied emotion recognition for each tweet and analyzed sentiments in each twitter community.
  • [report]

    Giffty: Personal Gift Assistant

    Instructor: Kevin Leach
    Capstone Project, 2020 Winter, for my UM bachelor degree.
  • Implemented a virtual assistant that can give you personalized gift recommendations.
  • [code]

    Semi-supervised Multi-task Multi-layer Perception

    Internship Project, PPDAI Group Inc. 2019 winter

    The Detection of Diabetic Retinopathy Using Convolutional Neural Network

  • Applied convolutional neural network to automatically detect diabetic retinopathy.
  • Won special prize in Challenge Cup National College Student Competition, Shanghai
  • Magic Mirror

      Instructor: YanFeng Sheng
      Course Project, VG100, 2018 Summer.
    • Designed a smart mirror that enables facial recognition and voice assistance.
    • Won best presentation award in UM-SJTU Joint Institute summer design expo